private restaurant

Russia, Novgorod region

The projected area is 119 sq.m. Number of seats 108

The relic lake Velyo is located approximately at the same distance from Moscow and St. Petersburg in the Novgorod region. One of the largest in the north-west of Russia and, perhaps, the least contact with civilization.


This is the territory of the Valdai National Park: untouched pristine nature, peace and harmony (feelings that we do not often experience in everyday life). There is no bustle of the city, calm, friendly people live. Clean and clear water is safe to drink.


What could be a restaurant on the shores of this lake and what could it be called? Yes, the answer is obvious and prompted by the atmosphere of an amazing place.


Velyo is an interpretation of Russian hunting cuisine through the prism of a modern vision. Respect for tradition, culinary experience that has been accumulating over the centuries, combined with technological solutions and attention to detail.


The interior contains exclusively natural materials. Stone and wood of various species give complexity, versatility and ... naturalness. Warm and cold textures harmoniously combine and complement each other.


In the center of the hall there is a Russian stove, decorated in shades of black, with wood-burning stoves and living fire. This element is balanced by water, the view of which opens through the panoramic windows. You have a special feeling, realizing that centuries ago it was here as well.